Last summer, my family faced a challenging situation as both of our family cars ”“ on their last leg for a while ”“ finally died.

While I was able to walk to work, my husband’s job in south Sanford was too far to walk.

York County Community Action’s WAVE program came to our rescue. Initially, I didn’t think we would qualify for their program because I erroneously thought they only serviced students and factory employees, not retail employees, like my husband.

I learned more about the WAVE (Wheels to Access Vocation and Education) and was pleased to discover that for only $38 per month, the WAVE van would pick my husband up at our home and deliver him, door-to-door, to his place of employment. What a godsend.

Like so many families today, we live paycheck-to-paycheck, and we do not have a savings to fall back on. Without the ability for my husband to get to work, there is no way my family would have been able to pay our mortgage. I can say without a doubt, Community Action kept my family from losing our home.

Sanford is blessed to have such a valuable service for its residents. I thank God for York County Community Action.

Becky Brown , Sanford