As lights are being lit in various forms to honor the holiday season, dark horrors continue to headline the news.

Man’s inhumanity to the young, to the old, to ordinary people trying to manage their lives and care for their families, continues.

Instead of using their wits for the common good, deranged individuals and small groups resort to weapons and violence, obscene economic power and brutal legislation to try to force their warped views of “how things should be” on the majority of people. Instead of embracing progress, they insist on social norms that are no longer acceptable in the 21st century.

In the United States, we need to respond to our societal dysfunction with a new political party that will actually work for sensible reforms, to make our country once again one to be proud of – and safe to live in.

Progressives like Bernie Sanders, Dennis Kucinich, Robert Reich, Elizabeth Warren and Howard Dean should form a new Progressive Party to redress the grievances of the people of the United States who want sanity restored.

By demonstrating real leadership, and passing and implementing legislation, progressives can work on economic and social reforms that reflect the best values of American society. We would then spend more on the necessary elements of peace, and far, far less on war and prisons.

Wouldn’t it be a relief and a pleasure to actually have peace on Earth and good will toward man, woman and child in 2015?

Melinda Gale


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