The commentary about John Boehner (“Poisoning the well?”) in the Insight section of the Dec. 7 Maine Sunday Telegram is insulting and offensive. I am surprised that it was accepted for printing in the Telegram.

Author Margaret Carlson says Boehner “was on his way to becoming the least productive speaker in modern times with the fewest pieces of legislation signed into law.” The House has sent many pieces of legislation to the Senate, but Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has systematically blocked all of them.

The problems with government in Washington, D.C., are not Boehner and the Republicans. The problems are some Democrats and the community organizer with little experience who was elected president by the votes of many foolish people.

On another topic: Protest marchers are carrying signs that say “Black Lives Matter!” That is a very good sentiment. But I do not recall any protests about the black lives of babies who are not allowed to be born because they are not convenient.

David W. Knudsen