I was struck by what a positive force the Affordable Care Act is for increasing small-business opportunities (“Affordable Care Act swelling ranks of self-employed, report says,” Dec. 14).

There are so many creative people in the state of Maine who have the skills to start successful small businesses. Many of them have not taken the plunge into self-employment because of the high cost of health insurance for them and their families. The Affordable Care Act gives creative, hardworking people across our country the ability to make sure that they and their families are not prevented by the high cost of health insurance from achieving their American Dream.

I wonder why so many conservatives are so dead set against giving ordinary, hardworking Americans the ability to pursue their own dreams and not be shackled to an employer merely because of health insurance. The Affordable Care Act gives the ordinary American entrepreneur more freedom – it does not take it away!

George Harlan

Old Orchard Beach