BRUNSWICK — In a rivalry match against Mt. Ararat Middle School, the Brunswick Junior High School eighth grade girls basketball team pulled out a 37-25 victory. Rian Sachs led the way for the Eagles with 16 points, while teammate Mirabel Corey added seven. The Huskies were led defensively by Anna Kousky, Charlotte MacMillan and Shea Sullivan. On Monday, Kousky’s 10 points as well as well as nine points from Sachs, helped lead the way to a come-from-behind, 33-28 victory over Auburn.

Auburn led 11-6 and 19-14 after the first two-quarter breaks, but the Huskies were able to take a 24-21 lead after three. Erin Coughlin and Shea Sullivan were noted as strong defensive standouts, helping their team power through the second half.

Jade Penny led Auburn with 15 points. The 8-1 Huskies will host Bath Middle School on Thursday.