The black and white photos above were taken at the Western Maine Interscholastic Ski Championships in February 1973. These particular photographs were unused in print, and thus their subjects are unidentified. However, another photograph taken on the same day ran with the following story, which was published in the Thursday, Feb. 15, 1973 edition of the Portland Press Herald:

FALMOUTH – Nordic skiing has come to Hurricane Ski Slopes here, thanks to the Yarmouth High School ski team with an assist from area Marines.

The nine team members have built a 20-meter jump and also a 6 1/2 kilometer cross-country course under the direction of their coach, William H. Richards III.

Bulldozing for the jump was done by the Marines and a private contractor, but the boys did the rest of the work. They’ve been practicing at Hurricane since the ski program was organized three seasons back, and, says Richards, the Nortons, who operate the area, have been “very receptive.”

Yarmouth also won the Western Maine Interscholastic Ski Championships last weekend. The team was cohost with Gray-New Gloucester, and the new X-C course was used for part of the nordic action.

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