The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office is distributing a composite sketch in its search for the person who is responsible for a home invasion Sunday in Casco that left one man hospitalized.

The residents at 19 Timbuktu Drive told deputies that someone knocked on their door at 6 p.m. When the man who lives there opened the door, he was attacked.

A man described as 6-foot-2 to 6-foot-4, wearing a black trench coat, burst through the door, punching and kicking the resident and causing serious injuries, the sheriff’s office said. The woman in the home was uninjured.

The attacker was further described as a white man, 25 to 35 years old, with brown hair and a neatly trimmed beard and mustache.

The residents said they didn’t recognize the man and he didn’t steal anything, leaving the motive for the attack a mystery. They worked with the sheriff’s office to develop the sketch of their attacker.