Julie McDonald-Smith’s recent column, “Let’s talk about shame,” is demagoguery at its worst. She attempts to vilify those who are determined to keep us out of an unnecessary war. Smith suggests that because a holocaust survivor was in attendance at Benjamin Netanyahu’s recent speech to the hard right-wing Republican faction of Congress, that any member of Congress not in attendance should be ashamed. And if a Democratic Party function has a holocaust survivor in attendance with few Republicans present? Should Republicans be ashamed? Julie, you are engaged in divisive hate mongering.

If a nuclear conflation breaks out in the Mideast, it is Israel that is most likely to drop the first bomb. The Israelis previously have encouraged the U.S. to go to war, and sadly we have done so, to our extreme detriment. Netanyahu stated in the run-up to the Iraq war: “I think it would stabilize Iraq.” That didn’t work out so well, did it? How stable is Iraq now? They have a civil war that did not exist before our “liberation,” and there are various terrorist groups active in the country that were not there before our “liberation.” Now Netanyahu is attempting to bring about another Mideast war for the U.S. to spearhead for him. We don’t need another war; we’ve already lost enough lives, and squandered trillions. Now the war hawks are attempting to get us into a war with Iran. If anything, it’s those who did attend that Netanyahu speech who should be ashamed.

John A. Dow