IMAGES FROM the “Resisting Entropy II” event in 2013.

IMAGES FROM the “Resisting Entropy II” event in 2013.


The Center for Maine Contemporary Art in Rockport presents “Resisting Entropy III,” an exhibition of artwork created by twelve artists working collaboratively over a 24- hour period. The work began at noon today and will end at noon Saturday.

Artist William Kentridge wrote that the artist’s job is to “ fight against entropy– to keep on taking these fragments and say, ‘ What can they become?’ To take the fragments and construct something provisionally new.” The twelve artists included in Resisting Entropy at CMCA will be doing just that. The artists will transform materials from a sizeable pile of discarded and castoff items into unique and unpredictable artworks.

“ This will be the final exhibition in our Rockport location and Resisting Entropy seems a fitting way to make the process of our moving into an artistic occasion,” said CMCA director Suzette McAvoy. “ Many of the items and discarded material the artists will be using were sourced from our cleaning out of the Rockport building’s storage areas and closets in preparation for the move.”

The first Resisting Entropy took place in 2010 at Asymmetrik Arts in Rockland. In 2013, CMCA hosted “Resisting Entropy II,” which was revised in scope and included an extended roster of artists. Artist Jared Cowan, an originator of the Resisting Entropy format, noted that the group is excited to be working at CMCA again, and that “since the group has already worked in the space, they will be more prepared for what ordinarily can’t be prepared for.”

The artists in this year’s group include David Allen, Alan Clark, Jared Cowan, Bethany Engstrom, Andy Hamm, Alexis Iammarino, Siglinde Langholz, Eric Leppanen, Cristin Millet, Trelawney O’Brien, Jennifer Wilkey, and Andrew White. The exhibition, which will be on view through April 25, opens with a reception on Saturday,

April 11, from 7-9 p.m. Both the reception and exhibition are free and open to the public. For more information, visit

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