Why are the Rules of Engagement a necessary part of warfare for U.S. soldiers today? A Rule of Engagement is a military directive that delineates the limitations and circumstances under which forces will initiate and prosecute combat engagement with other forces encountered. These are put in place to prevent civilian casualties on enemy soil. However the biggest issue with these is that it tends to threaten the lives of our soldiers.

In the book “American Sniper,” by Chris Kyle, there were many different instances where the lives of our own were put in jeopardy because of certain ROE’S. One example in the story is when there were enemy insurgents riding around on mopeds planting IED’S. Chris Kyle was watching from a building and knew for a fact in his heart that the people on mopeds were enemy soldiers. However there was an ROE preventing him from firing at a man on a moped planting an IED. It turns out later that the guy successfully planted the improvised explosive device, which took out an American convoy killing a few of our own men.

My position on ROE’S is I think they are highly unnecessary and a huge risk for our soldiers. A lot of times the politicians that create these rules have no prior combat experience. Therefore they have no idea what it is like to be in live combat where you’re live is in grave danger. It is scary enough to be shot at however it doesn’t help when there are restrictions that prevent you from firing at an enemy to protect yourself because of an ROE.

Ryan Moran