David Frye was a sophomore when he first felt the Holy Spirit help him share the word of God.

He had an opportunity to preach before fellow students and faculty members at the Greater Portland Christian School in South Portland. It was during a weekly chapel service and he was nervous, but he embraced the challenge. He had something to say about the inner peace and spiritual clarity that can be found in the Bible when it’s viewed as a living guidebook.

“Over the years, God has given me an increasing knowledge of Scripture and what it means,” Frye said. “It was really nerve-racking, going in front of my peers, but with guidance from the Holy Spirit, it was just like talking with friends. I barely remember the moment, but I’m pretty sure my hands were shaking the whole time.”

His trepidation went unnoticed. The response from his classmates and teachers was encouraging, uplifting. Soon after, he asked to preach before his hometown congregation at the Hollis Center Baptist Church.

“I have no idea why I asked,” Frye said. “Once again, I was nervous, but the Lord provides.”

He prepared a sermon, but God took over again, he said. Afterward, several church members told him: “You have a calling. You need to follow this.”

And so he has.

In the fall, Frye will enroll at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. Founded by the Rev. Jerry Falwell, the late conservative televangelist, it’s the largest evangelical Christian university in the world and the largest private, nonprofit university in the United States.

As a freshman, Frye will be placed in service at a congregation, where he hopes to hone his ability to summon wisdom from God’s word and inspire faith among his listeners. It’s something he clearly relishes.

“It’s an adrenaline rush,” Frye said. “I find it so exciting to see God work through his word. I have such a love for the Scripture and I love to share it with people. When I preach, it’s not my ideas, it’s God’s.”

Frye sees his calling in line with friends who plan to pursue careers in public safety or music.

“God calls us to the work that we’re meant to do,” he said. “I hope to strengthen the church. We’re going through a period of great change and the church is going to have to adapt. At the end of the day, the only answer is God. Christ is the only thing that satisfies me.”

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