NEWMARKET, N.H. — New Hampshire State Police say a 79-year-old pedestrian was killed in a hit-and-run accident in Newmarket, and a car matching the description was later found in a driveway – with its owner unconscious on the front lawn.

Police found Charles Dearborn of Newmarket with life-threatening injuries Thursday afternoon. He died shortly after rescue crews arrived.

Authorities determined the vehicle, which witnesses described as a black Volvo, had fled the scene.

Police later responded to a report that 44-year-old Peter Wallace was unconscious on the front lawn of a local home. They found his black Volvo with front-end damage in the driveway.

Wallace was hospitalized and remains on life support.

Investigators determined the car was operating erratically prior to hitting Dearborn. Police don’t know who was driving; no charges have been filed.