Thumbs down to those who think making a fake call to police is entertaining in any way. An incident of this dangerous practice known as swatting occurred in Biddeford on Sunday, when an unknown caller reported a murder and hostage situation that was later determined to be a hoax. Fortunately, nobody was hurt during the incident. Swatting unnecessarily ties up resources and puts the lives of police officers and citizens at risk. We hope police can find the perpetrators and that they are convicted.

Thumbs up to Chinburg Properties for their plans to redevelop the long-empty “Building #4” on Saco Island. The building has been vacant for about three decades, and there’s been talk about redeveloping it for several years. Chinburg Properties has an impressive portfolio of mill redevelopment projects in other New England states. We hope the company’s plan for Building #4 is successful and that it continues the momentum of mill redevelopment in the twin cities of Biddeford and Saco.

Thumbs down to the presidential campaign of Jeb Bush, who according to a New York Times article, instructed guests not to speak with the press after a donor retreat on July 9. The flow of money in politics became even more opaque after the Citizen’s United Supreme Court ruling in 2010, and the very least a presidential campaign can do for greater transparency is to allow donors to speak with the press at their own discretion.

Thumbs down ”“ a big thumbs down ”“ to the people who vandalized portable toilets at Number One Pond and at Gowens Park/Blouin Field in Sanford. The company that provides and cleans the toilets and city staff have been dealing with feces smeared on the toilet walls, household garbage left there, along with condoms, underwear, and drug paraphernalia, for the last couple of seasons. That is pretty disgusting behavior and Parks and Recreation Director Marcel Blouin has said ”˜enough is enough’ and the toilets were removed earlier this week. Portable toilets will be provided for short term special events, but no longer on a long term basis. We understand why ”“ it is because some filthy people exhibited filthy behavior, not once, but many times. Now, folks who need to answer the call of nature will have to go elsewhere, shortening their time in the park or around the pond. That stinks.

Thumbs down to the loss of Rep. Bill Noon, a Springvale Democrat, who died of cancer on Wednesday. Bill was 66 years old. His friends and colleagues describe the farmer, carpenter and legislator as a gentle man with a strong work ethic, a mischievous, dry sense of humor, who cared about his constituents and his work on the agriculture, conservation and forestry committee. Prior to his first election to the Legislature in 2012, Bill served for 20 years on the Sanford Planning Board, including eight years as chairman. He and his wife Jean raised two children and have three grandchildren. We are thinking of them today.