Brittany Irish tried escaping from her Benedicta home through a bathroom window after Anthony Lord fired eight shots into her boyfriend, killing him, according to court documents.

Irish flagged down a passing pickup truck and jumped in the back, but Lord chased after her and jumped on as well. He shot at the driver, Carlton Eddy, until he pulled over, then grabbed Irish and fled in another vehicle, the documents said.

Details of that encounter, and others during Lord’s rampage through northern Maine Thursday night and Friday morning, were included in court affidavits filed Monday in Superior Court in Aroostook County and Penobscot County in support of charges against Lord of kidnapping and two counts of murder.

Lord made an initial court appearance Monday via video from the Aroostook County Jail in Houlton. He entered no plea and his attorney requested a mental health evaluation. A registered sex offender with a history of domestic violence, Lord, 35, was being held without bail.

He was arrested Friday after he beat a man, stole guns and a pickup truck, kidnapped Irish and shot five people, killing two, Maine State Police said.

Lord was taken into custody at the home of his uncle, Carl Lord Jr., in Houlton.


“He didn’t seem to be upset. He went over and hugged his mother and just kept hugging her. He never spoke a word to me,” Carl Lord said. “He asked his mother for a phone to turn himself in, but my brother was already on the phone with (police).”

Carl Lord described how his nephew produced an 8 mm semi-automatic pistol – not the one used in the fatal shootings – removed the magazine and then individually removed each bullet from the clip. Carl Lord believes his nephew removed the bullets so he would not be tempted to use the gun again.

Anthony Lord tossed the gun and ammunition into the vegetable garden.

Two state police troopers arrived first, followed by several armed Border Patrol agents. Within minutes, North Street in front of Carl Lord’s house was swarming with police cars – he estimated 14.

Anthony Lord came out from between the house and the garage where he had gone to have a cigarette. His hands were up, and when he was ordered to the ground, he complied, Carl Lord said.

An autopsy showed Irish’s boyfriend, Kyle Hewitt, was shot eight times with a .22 caliber gun, six times in the chest, hitting vital organs, once in his jaw and once in his pelvis, according to court records. Kevin Tozier, the second man fatally shot by Lord, was hit three times in the chest and neck, the affidavit said.

In an interview with state police detectives, Lord admitted shooting Irish’s boyfriend and her mother, Kim Irish, then shot Eddy when Brittany Irish tried to escape. He later shot Tozier and Clayton McCarthy at a woodlot in Lee after one of them asked about an injury to Brittany Irish’s arm, according to an affidavit by Detective Greg Roy.

Before the shootings, police say Lord also broke into the house of Kary Mayo of Silver Ridge Township, assaulted him and tied him up and then stole guns and a pickup truck, although he has not yet been charged in that incident.

The police affidavit leaves many questions unanswered, including Lord’s relationship with Irish and what caused his outburst of violence. State police had been investigating the death of Lord’s 6-month-old son, who died May 7 in Bangor.

Carl Lord says he has no idea how his nephew knows Irish. When Anthony Lord stopped at his uncle’s house, possibly because he saw his mother’s car in the driveway, he was not threatening Irish.

“One time I seen them hugging, embracing and kissing. Later on I found out she was supposedly a kidnap victim,” Carl Lord said. Later she was crying and talking on her cellphone, he said. He said the entire episode was captured on his home security system.


Carl Lord said he didn’t know his nephew at all and hadn’t spoken to him in about 28 years.

Katie Sell, who used to live across the street from Anthony Lord in Silver Ridge Township, a community of about 60 people, said no one was close to him.

“He was a sex offender. People tend to stay away from people who have been part of a violent crime like that,” Sell said, describing him as mouthy and swearing a lot. “He made it very clear he didn’t care about what anyone thought of him or his actions. … I can’t say I thought he was going to kill people. I never saw him be violent.”

Sell said Lord received disability as a result of mental health issues and didn’t work.

Seven years ago, when he lived across the street, Sell knew Lord’s then-wife Anna, a Russian woman. She didn’t know what happened in their relationship, but gave Anna a ride to the airport when she left to go back to Washington state.

Sell lives close to Mayo, who was savagely beaten after his house was broken into, allegedly by Lord. She credits her dogs Butterball, a husky black Labrador mix, and Lulu, a pit bull-shepherd cross that she rescued, with saving her from a similar violent encounter Friday morning. Somewhere between 3 and 4 a.m., her dogs were barking incessantly.

“Their barking was weird because it was more aggressive than I’d heard before. Dang, it sounded like they were showing their teeth and such,” Sell said.

Later in the day, Sell got a call from her neighbor, whom Mayo had call the police after he managed to escape from his basement through a window. The neighbor said Lord had told Mayo he originally went to Sell’s house.

“I guess it’s a good thing he didn’t have a gun with him or he would have shot my dogs,” she said.


Police arrested Lord in Houlton after a massive 17-hour manhunt sparked by the violence that began Thursday night in Benedicta and continued Friday morning in Silver Ridge Township, Benedicta and Lee.

Police said Kim Irish, 58, Clayton McCarthy, 55, and Eddy, all local residents, also were wounded by gunshots. Lord also shot out the windows of his brother’s home in Benedicta, police said.

All four injured people are expected to recover, police said Friday.

During his rampage, Lord also is suspected of setting fire to a barn, shooting at police officers during a high-speed chase and stealing a pulp truck belonging to McCarthy, authorities said.

Brittany Irish’s family has set up a GoFundMe site to raise money to help with funeral and medical expenses for the victims.

Carl Lord said his family, including Anthony Lord’s mother, feels extremely sad for the people who were killed and injured.

“You just can’t imagine how we feel for the victims. We can’t express our sympathy enough. The whole family is trying to cope with the disaster that happened,” Carl Lord said. “We didn’t bring this on ourselves. He brought it to us. We have to deal with it.

“His mother doesn’t condone it,” Carl Lord said. “What he did was wrong. Let the jury system take its course.”

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