BIDDEFORD — Matt Lauzon, whose recent allegations of sexual abuse against a retired Biddeford police officer have triggered a flood of similar allegations against that man as well as another former Biddeford officer, promised at Tuesday night’s City Council meeting to sue the city.

“I intend to criminally or civilly … make sure that anybody who has contributed to enabling a sexual predator here in Biddeford to abuse a boy or girl underage is held accountable,” he told city officials. “You will be forced to under oath tell the truth.”

Allegations of sexual abuse against two retired Biddeford officers surfaced in February, and in April, the Attorney General’s Office confirmed it is currently investigating allegations of sexual abuse involving a young teenage boy and a former Biddeford officer. The details of that investigation have not been released.

While the alleged victims and their supporters have on several occasions implored city officials to suspend the current police chief and deputy chief in the wake of the allegations, the council has said there is no evidence that suggests wrongdoing on the part of anybody currently in the department.

After Tuesday’s meeting, Mayor Alan Casavant said Lauzon has been making similar threats for months. In May, Lauzon’s attorney, Walter McKee, announced his firm would be conducting a civil investigation of the Biddeford Police Department.

“I know the council and myself have done nothing wrong,” said Casavant. “We’re trying to follow due process. We’re trying to follow the law. We’ve gotten the Attorney General’s Office involved according to the correct procedure, and that’s the way this whole thing is going to be resolved, by doing what the statutes allow us to do.”

The council meeting included an agenda item titled, “Consultation with City Attorney ”“ Pending Litigation.” But the item was discussed in executive session, and officials would not provide further details on that discussion.

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