ARUNDEL — Dozens of Mainers gathered on Maine Turnpike overpasses Saturday night to pay respects to Corey Dodge of Garland, a civilian contractor who was killed on Aug. 22 by a car bomb in Afghanistan. His body was returned to Maine in a convoy Saturday night that included the Patriot Riders and other motorcycle groups.

Dodge, 40 and the father of four, was killed when a car bomb that targeted the NATO convoy he was in went off in Kabul. At least 11 others died in the attack. Dodge was working for a private contractor that was providing training and mentoring to Afghanistan’s Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Defense.

Dodge began what he planned would be his last tour in Afghanistan in July and hoped to return to Maine in October. He had previously worked in Rockland as a Knox County sheriff’s deputy and planned to become a Maine State Police trooper after returning to the state.

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