For years, Republicans have touted themselves as the champions of the Constitution and the party of fiscal conservatism.

Enter Donald Trump, who (probably unknowingly) says he will fight for the end of “anchor babies,” in defiance of the Constitution’s 14th Amendment. And espouses fiscal and tax policies that contradict everything he’s stood for and supported his entire life.

Every segment of the Republican base flocks to his banner and overlooks these glaring inconsistencies, even to the extent of believing him when he says his favorite book is the Bible (as he panders to the religious right). Suddenly, he’s the undisputed front-runner in the Republican Party’s primary contest.

It would be amusing (if it were not so sad) how quickly this Republican base abandons its self-proclaimed constitutional and fiscal principles to rally to this buffoon’s candidacy. And only because he proudly, shamelessly and loudly validates and gives voice to their racial and religious prejudices and fear of immigrants and minorities.

William Ronalds