Two students from Regional School Unit 57 in York County, including a student who attends Massabesic High School, have contracted meningitis.

Superintendent John Davis posted a notice Saturday on the school district’s website alerting parents, teachers and students to the health issue.

Davis said a student at Massabesic High has been diagnosed with viral meningitis, while another student is being treated for meningitis but his diagnosis has not been confirmed.

The district covers Newfield, Limerick, Lyman, Alfred, Waterboro, and Shapleigh.

“While the Maine Center for Disease Control stresses that there is no need for major concern for our students and staff, I do want to alert you as there are precautions we all can take to reduce our exposure,” Davis said in the statement.

Davis recommends that people wash their hands often, avoid touching their faces with unwashed hands, and avoid close contact such as kissing or hugging with people who are sick.

Davis said school officials do not know where the students contracted the illness.

Last week, School Administrative District 60 announced that two of its students had been diagnosed with viral meningitis. Viral meningitis is more common than bacterial meningitis. Students from Berwick, North Berwick and Lebanon attend SAD 60 schools.

The students with meningitis attend the Vivian E. Hussey Primary School and Noble Middle School, according to superintendent Steven Connolly. Those students live in different towns and do not appear to know each other.

Common symptoms of meningitis may include fever, headache, stiff neck, sensitivity to bright light, vomiting, sleepiness, lack of appetite and nausea. People usually get better on their own within seven to 10 days.