Waterfall Arts, 256 High St. in Belfast, features “The Botany of Sacrifice,” an installation by Maine artist Susan Smith, who explores issues of farm labor and herbicide use.

The exhibit, running through Nov. 20, showcases Smith’s large-scale mixed media paintings of “superweeds.” Also on display are prints on salvaged cloth, which uses a process of bundling and boiling to create abstract gradations of color and impressions of plant material.

“The Botany of Sacrifice examines the thinking that has created these superweeds and practices. How what we attempt to eradicate returns to us with ever greater force,” Smith said in a press release. “We must now make sacrifices to appease the angry gods we have raised.…”

The installation includes eco-prints and several large paintings, each paired with a lawn chair and an herbicide sprayer. Smith will display the bound and unbound weed and cloth bundles she’s made. Some of the bundles will be unraveled during the opening.

Smith will give a talk about her work at 7 p.m. Wednesday.

For more information about her or the gallery, go to waterfallarts.org.