It’s painful to watch small towns change from rural, friendly, comfortable places to urban megatowns with ever-increasing taxes. Such is being attempted in North Yarmouth currently.

A divisive issue is coming before the town Nov. 3 as two referendum questions.

Question 1 wants to reuse North Yarmouth Memorial School as town offices and create a town center with 300-plus homes on quarter-acre lots that would use an updated school sewage system.

Question 2 wants to halt this idea, keep the town offices where they are and rebuild Wescustogo Hall, as agreed to when the town took it over. It also wants to sell part of North Yarmouth Memorial School.

It is inevitable that more homes would bring more children. Current per-student cost in School Administrative District 51 is almost $16,000 per year. It currently takes a property valued at over $800,000 to cover the cost of one student.

Merlyn Fogg

North Yarmouth

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