Problems with the EPA

Former President Richard Nixon founded the Environmental Protection Agency. This agency couldn’t care less about working or retired people. My age, I can remember their first ruling back in the 1970s. They claimed we were living in the “Ice Age” because of the cold winters and the amount of snow we were getting.

The public didn’t pay attention. They came back with a crazy ruling. They called it “toxic rain.” The ice age or toxic rain didn’t come true. They tried “global warming,” the public still didn’t believe. If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. This time they told us about “climate change.” If you lie often enough people will believe you. Secretary of State John Kerry,

while visiting India, claimed if we didn’t pay attention the world would come to an end. Do you believe Democrats, that climate change is more dangerous than ISIS? We Republicans love to drink clean water and breath fresh air. We don’t try to scare the public. What will the EPA want us to believe next time? Conrad Boisvert Old Orchard Beach