Along with other Americans, I grieved for France during the recent bombings in Paris. However, I am hugely disappointed that we do not express the same shock, anger and sorrow when similar terrorism happens in southern Africa.

Aren’t the Burundian people hurting just as much when dozens, if not hundreds, of their countrymen are killed by random terrorist actions?

A week ago people in the capital city of Bujumbura awakened to find 87 bodies lying in the streets, many of them killed with their hands tied behind their backs. Some sources say that hundreds were executed by government soldiers throughout the country. The victims were all people who have been opponents of President Pierre Nkurunziza.

Why are we not doing whatever is necessary to prevent in Burundi what occurred in neighboring Rwanda in 1994? Where is the press on this issue?

We are showing our racism by virtually ignoring this terrorism while wringing our hands and taking curative action about what happened in Paris. It is time for outrage, and for action to stop this slaughter in Burundi.

Cushman D. Anthony