Kudos to letter writer Howard Cutler for finding a justification for Donald Trump’s rather disagreeable position of banning Muslims from America (“Trump is legally correct on restricting Muslims,” Dec. 20).

If Mr. Cutler had done a bit more research, he would have found several statistics that would give him something to fear more than Muslims.

Since 2001, jihadists have killed 45 people in America. During the same period, 48 people died from attacks by American terrorists. Gun fatalities in America, caused by Americans, total 420,000 for the same period.

Mr. Cutler doesn’t believe that the jihadist attacks are related to the Second Amendment. Does that mean that the other 420,048 (to date) are?

If Mr. Cutler fears anything, it should be the quiet, gun-hoarding neighbor who lives down the street, not the Muslim who is fleeing a war with his family.

Russell Mullins

Fort Kent