I write to encourage readers to support ranked-choice voting, a system that determines the winner of a race where no candidate initially receives 50 percent, plus one of the votes cast. Ranked-choice voting has been used for years in municipal elections in other states, and in federal elections in other nations. Public satisfaction has been high.

Ranked-choice voting ensures winners will have majority support, and would eliminate any need for runoff elections, which are time consuming and very expensive. The towns and cities of Maine have better uses for their tax payer dollars than holding runoff elections.

Our current system of plurality voting has resulted in nine of the last 11 gubernatorial elections being won with less than majority support. Maine did not hold runoff elections in these races. Ranked choice voting would have created a more representative democracy, without the high cost of runoff elections.

This November, Mainers will have the opportunity to approve ranked-choice voting at the polls.

I urge readers to learn more about ranked-choice voting by visiting www.rcvmaine.com/FAQ.

Adair DeLamater,