Just having read the article “Becoming Lucy” (Feb. 7), I find myself with mixed emotions of being happy and sad. I, too, am a parent of a transgender child (male).

The article brought a smile to my face on the overwhelming acceptance afforded this child and family, and I applaud everyone involved, including the Maine Sunday Telegram. It is as it should be. The more that is written, the easier it will be for those individuals to live their very full, deserving and happy lives.

When we as parents were going through this, we did not have this kind of public support, which made it more difficult and makes me sad but extremely grateful for this written piece.

I will always cherish my memories of my (daughter), but I agree with Lucy’s mother that when I look at my son now, I think, “This is so much better because he is so much happier.”

Thank you for enlightening the public!

Louise Beaulieu

Ocean Park