I have paid the Social Security tax on 100 percent of my salary all my life. I find it unbelievable that those making above $118,500 do not have to do the same.

Just think: If everyone paid into Social Security on 100 percent of their salary, as lower- and middle-income people have to, Social Security would be in a good place today.

I understand why Social Security was set up that way. Medicare is different in that everyone pays 1.45 percent on all earnings. Social Security is a case where the high-income people pay less as a percentage of their salary.

Let’s make things fair. Everyone should pay the same percentage of their income for any and all taxes, with no exceptions. This would lower taxes for everyone. Wouldn’t that be nice?

One other comment: Donald Trump wants to build a wall. He can’t be that dumb. Who’s he kidding? They are tunneling across the border now to sell drugs in the U.S.

Richard Sevigny

North Waterboro