While Sen. Bernie Sanders’ record is strong on supporting family farms, that’s not the main reason we’re supporting him.

Nor is the fact that he has, from the beginning, been an outspoken advocate for right-to-know GMO labeling.

Of course, he is leading the opposition to the draconian new Senate “DARK Act.” The Monsanto-backed bill would pre-empt the right of states to pass mandatory GMO labeling laws. The bill seeks to invalidate Maine’s historic GMO labeling law, passed with virtually unanimous support by the Legislature.

Being the visionary that he is, back in 2013, Sen. Sanders sponsored Senate Amendment 965, which sought to clarify that states do have the right under the U.S. Constitution to enact mandatory GMO labeling laws.

While Sen. Angus King exhibited wisdom and voted for Bernie’s states’ rights legislation, the measure was defeated. It was a major disappointment when Sen. Susan Collins voted with the majority and failed to stand up for the right of states like Maine to govern their own affairs.

Bernie has no PACs and is refusing corporate donations. Part of the “Bernie Revolution” is that he is successfully funding his grass-roots campaign with millions of small contributions from everyday citizens.

Bernie understands that income inequality and corporate greed are the defining issues of our time and are tearing our country apart. He is totally committed to correcting these foundational failures.

So the main reason we support Bernie for president is that a leader with his remarkable integrity and dedication to the interests of the middle class only comes along once every generation or two. We think that’s reason enough for everybody to support Bernie Sanders.

Jim and Megan Gerritsen

Wood Prairie Family Farm