Being a Republican at Bowdoin College is never easy, but it becomes ever more difficult as our present field turns into a vulgar reality show. Fortunately for Maine caucus-goers, there is still a candidate worthy of our support: Ohio Gov. John Kasich.

Kasich would bring to the Oval Office an extraordinary resume. In Congress, John Kasich took on challenges like the national debt, welfare reform and Pentagon pork spending. Newt Gingrich praised him as one of the 20th century’s four great Republican visionaries.

Kasich brought this leadership to Ohio as governor, where he created 400,000 new jobs, including many in high-tech and manufacturing. He holds a 62 percent approval rating in Ohio, a sign that those who know Kasich most respect his leadership.

Given his pro-life, pro-Second Amendment and fiscally conservative record, the “mushy moderate” label for Kasich is absurd. However, he rightly calls the Republican Party his vehicle, not master. On countless issues in Ohio, including health care, prison reform, school funding and the environment, Kasich bucked his party. In our divided nation, such bipartisanship is sorely needed.

Maine Republicans reasonably question Kasich’s chances, but the governor needs to stay in the race. He’s the only Republican who can beat Trump in Ohio on March 15, a delegate-rich state essential to stopping “The Donald” from clinching the nomination. Polls consistently show Kasich as the Republican most able to beat Hillary Clinton.

David Jimenez

student, Bowdoin College