This year the proposed Yarmouth school budget is up 5 percent; last year it was up 4 percent, and the year before 3 percent. The population of the town is only up 1 percent. There are over 65 non-Yarmouth students attending our schools at a significant cost to Yarmouth taxpayers. Yarmouth needs a special committee to attract business to Yarmouth. Something is very wrong. Could it be our high property taxes and recently imposed fees?

Citizens will have an opportunity to convey their thoughts to the Town Council at the May 5 public hearing; an opportunity to vote against the school budget at the Town Meeting on June 7, and they will also have an opportunity to vote against the budget referendum on June 14. On the June 14 ballot there will also be a question regarding whether Yarmouth should continue to have an annual vote on the school budget.

Please use these opportunities to participate in our town’s government.

Jo Anne Babcock