Build a mammoth, disruptive Internet giant: Check.

Own a legendary national newspaper: Check.

Get a part in a sci-fi extravaganza that played big role during childhood: Check.

On Wednesday, CEO Jeff Bezos posted a video on Vine of himself sipping water while wearing alien makeup as he prepared for an appearance on “Star Trek Beyond,” the latest movie in the franchise. The movie is scheduled to be released Friday.

It was unclear which of the various sentient species inhabiting the “Star Trek” galaxy Bezos is supposed to represent.

The Amazon-owned site IMDb just calls him Starfleet Official. In any case, the makeup makes him almost unrecognizable.

In a tweet linking to the video, the tech billionaire and space flight aficionado wrote that the experience now was off his “bucket list,” and praised the cast and crew of the movie. He also mentioned director Justin Lin in a tweet that read: “Amazing experience. Thank you!”

Bezos, who revolutionized technology and commercial life by creating, has been a Trekkie since he was a boy growing up in Texas.

His devotion to the campy series, which featured a talking computer, helped inspire Alexa, the artificial intelligence-enabled digital assistant that inhabits the Echo speaker and other devices, according to a recent onstage interview with The Washington Post’s editor Marty Baron.

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