Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has won another celebrity endorsement, courtesy of Marge and Homer Simpson.

In a clip posted to Fox’s animation YouTube channel, Marge tells her husband that she’s conflicted about who to vote for in the upcoming election. Homer helpfully turns on the television and the couple watches a parody of that infamous “3 a.m.” ad that ran during Clinton’s 2008 campaign against then-Sen. Barack Obama.

In the animated version, Clinton is well prepared to take that early-morning call, but GOP nominee Donald Trump initially rejects it because he is busy tweeting about Elizabeth Warren. Trump answers the phone the second time, but doesn’t bother heading to the Situation Room until he’s undergone an elaborate grooming regimen.

Marge definitively announces that she’ll vote for Clinton, but Homer’s a little slow on the uptake and thinks she wants to vote for Trump. Homer realizes his mistake when Marge subsequently invites the family’s greyhound to share their bed, blocking the space between them. “And that’s how I became a Democrat,” Homer deadpans.

Both Trump and Clinton have a running history in “The Simpsons” canon: The show literally predicted a Trump presidency back in 2000, and Clinton has made appearances in multiple “Simpsons” video games. In February, another web short saw Marge lamenting the contention between Clinton, Trump and a wider pool of political candidates.

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