Your Aug. 7 article on the Beach to Beacon 10K (“As Beach to Beacon race grows, charitable donations fall off pace”) correctly stated that the Bridgton 4 on the Fourth Road Race donated more than half of its revenue to charity in 2014.

The 4 on the Fourth is required by its bylaws to donate all of its net proceeds each year to charities, with at least 90 percent going to the Bridgton Public Library and the rest to other charities.

Approximately $1,000 has been carried over year-to-year, since 2004, to cover any unexpected expenses. Only one member of our 16-member Race Committee is paid for his services. The race director is a volunteer and is not paid, nor are any of the approximately 100 other volunteers who help make the race happen.

In 2014, the race donated $32,000 (56.8 percent of gross revenues) to charity. In 2015, $30,000 was donated (56.9 percent of gross revenues), and this year, $37,000 will be donated (60.1 percent of gross revenues).

Jim Cossey

race director, Bridgton 4 on the Fourth Road Race