I live near the intersection of Routes 1 and 88 in Falmouth, referenced in John Parker’s letter of Aug. 22.

I, too, find the new design flawed, but not because it slows traffic. Slowing is needed because the speed of traffic there is nothing like the posted speed of 40 mph.

It’s more like 50 to 60 mph, and the turnoff lane to 88 was frequently used for passing on the right and then entering 88 at high speed, or cutting back in front of “slow” Route 1 traffic. The visual effect of the last remaining vestige of the four-lane Route 1 created what I call “Falmouth Raceway.”

What I object to is leaving the extended merge lane for Route 88 traffic entering Route 1 southbound, continuing a sort of drag race to get to the single lane at Gilsland Farm Road, which has resulted in frequent horn blowing, as one or the other driver insists on having the right of way or speeding ahead to cut in front. The existing design didn’t and doesn’t work and should have been redesigned along with the traffic-calming northbound intersection.

In the absence of an effective change, the Maine Department of Transportation might put up a sign encouraging “zipper” merging. I would suggest “Your horn (fill in the blank.) Try courtesy.”

Karl Smith