The purer-than-thou Democrats and media have been harassing Gov. Le-Page from the time he campaigned for his first term for governor, all through his first term, on through his second campaign and into his second term.

A lawyer once told me, in his own words, that it is acceptable to harass a politician. I am of the belief that just because an educated lawyer said it is all right, doesn’t make it so.

Gov. LePage’s present goal is to eliminate the trail of drugs entering Maine from states south of Maine. According to newspaper reports on people arrested for drug offenses, the majority have indeed been “people of color,” as the governor recently said. Certainly, some Caucasians have joined that lucrative occupation.

At least Gov. LePage has an objective! The goal of the pure-as-new-snow Democrats and media is simply to harass Gov. LePage in much the same way as grammar school bullies.

Sylvia Young