Paul Benjamin Schulz

banner-personalOffice Sought: Representative – District 48
Age: 46
Occupation: Self Employed Computer Consultant
Education: BA in Information Systems USU
Family: Married, 3 kids
Hometown: Pownal

Political experience

See reason for running!

Why are you running for office?

I’m running for office because I realized that I could no longer sit back and hope or wish for things to get better; I had to be the change for which I was looking. I’m tired of seeing my rights being minimized and slowly eroded away. I’m tired of working so hard only to be taxed more and more by our government. I’m frustrated with seeing our kid’s future being sold now for a huge $20 trillion and growing I-owe-you of spending. I’m sick of seeing our sovereignty being diluted by people who are flooding in without being vetted. I’m frustrated with our elected officials forfeiting our rights to a global community. I want the people who are elected to actually love America and the freedom that we have. I love America. I love her for the beacon of hope for which she stands. We need to get back to our core values of hard work, charity, love for God and country and standing on our own two feet.


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