Rep. Anne-Marie Mastraccio, D-Sanford, is running for re-election against Gordon Frohloff, a Republican from Sanford, in House District 18.

The district covers part of Sanford.

Mastraccio, 65, has served two terms in the Maine House, and before that served on the school committee and Town Council in Sanford. She is a retired dental hygienist and office manager

She said in her responses to a Portland Press Herald survey that she wants to continue working for property tax relief, workforce and skills training, and education funding.

Mastraccio said she supports expanded background checks for private gun sales. She did not state a position on the ballot measure to raise Maine’s minimum wage to $12 an hour by 2020, saying she preferred the $9-an-hour minimum wage proposal that ultimately was killed in the Legislature.

She said she does not support the ballot proposal to legalize marijuana because of the regulatory challenges and the potential that it will give young people easier access to the drug.

She also said the state needs to take the heroin and opiate addiction problem more seriously and provide more support for education, prevention and treatment.

Frohloff did not respond to a survey seeking information about his positions on key issues..