For many years now it has become clear that if our Great Republic is to provide freedom and opportunities for our children, grandchildren, etc., then major changes must take place – and soon.

An example of a problem which could lead to disaster, one of many: The national debt ( continues to grow completely out of control at $20 trillion now and $25 trillion in a few years because the federal government spends $1.5 trillion in excess of its revenues every year. A stack of $100 bills totaling $1 trillion would stand about 1,450 feet high, as tall as the Empire State Building and its TV antennas.

Another dangerous situation is illegal immigration, which not only consumes billions of taxpayers dollars, but includes the potential for terrorists attacks such as mass shootings.

And the list of problems goes on and on, but let’s get to the election, which is only days away. America needs, among many reforms, a president who will lead the government in change. To continue on the same path is to leave our posterity in poverty and bondage.

I have lived under – and remember – 13 presidents beginning with Roosevelt. There has always been corruption, but never before have I seen so much corruption in the federal government. From the president, the executive branch, into the Congress and on to the Supreme Court the corruption has spread and grown like a mammoth cancer in the body of our government. We need, therefore, a new president who is strong in two essential values: patriotism and pharacter.

Patriotism means that the president loves America, believes in her, reveres our Constitution and has the courage to take on those in government who serve only themselves.

Anyone who would lead others must be a person of sterling character. There can be no history of lying, cheating or stealing. Dedicated people will not follow someone who is corrupt, self-serving, caring only about one’s self. I hear people say that we need a woman president, but the qualities above have nothing to do with gender.

In my opinion, both major party choices for president are unfit for that office, but to different degrees. The choice for me is that candidate which is the least unfit. America needs, more than ever, an electorate which will think through their choice and then vote sensibly. To pass on voting is to choose a dismal future.

Jack Wibby