I support Question 3, which will close the gun show and private sale of firearms loopholes by requiring background checks for all sales and transfer of firearms.

Opponents have argued that Question 3 will inconvenience the gun owner who wishes to loan or transfer a gun to a friend.

It’s nonsense to allow a relatively small inconvenience, such as the one cited above, to negate a proven method (required background checks) that helps keep guns out of the hands of terrorists, the mentally unstable, spousal abusers and thugs. Inconvenience doesn’t trump the people’s right to live safer lives; to claim it does is morally and practically indefensible.

Further, any impractical inconveniences in Question 3 can be addressed by the Legislature in the next session. However, the Legislature will never have the will to pass any reasonable law to curb gun violence, which is the reason for going the proposition route in the first place.

Steve Melchiskey