Are you tired of hearing about a wasted vote? I can’t think of a more condescending thing to say, but when you’re worried that your candidate can’t stand on his or her own merits, I guess you’ve got to try another tactic.

Once thing that’s crystal clear: Most supporters of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump don’t have much positive to say about their candidate. It’s all about keeping the other one out of office, and about shaming those who want to vote third party.

What these folks don’t seem to understand is that a wasted vote is voting for someone you don’t believe in, and unfortunately, at least half the country is about to fall into this trap.

I find it hard to believe Hillary and Trump care about the average citizen of this country – it seems to be about power for them. Pick your poison, because with either one we are probably looking at four more years of a growing debt, the failed war on drugs, continued policing of the world, more government interference and extended crony capitalism.

I encourage everyone to vote their conscience Nov. 8, and if you’re unsatisfied with the two main attractions, there are other choices. Send a message to the elites that we won’t be taken for granted and we can’t be bought and sold like so many of our politicians.

I will vote for the Libertarian presidential and vice-presidential candidates – Gov. Gary Johnson and Gov. William Weld – because I believe in their ideas, appreciate their ability to focus on the issues and respect them for waging a dignified campaign. I encourage you to check out their message, but most importantly: Vote your conscience.

Sedge Saunders