FREEPORT — The Regional School Unit 5 Board of Directors on Wednesday was scheduled to discuss a policy governing student use of medical marijuana.

The policy, which was scheduled for a first reading, details how marijuana can be administered to students. It was created for students with medical conditions who “may be unable to effectively function at school without (medical marijuana).”

Superintendent Becky Foley on Tuesday said there are no students in the district who use medical marijuana while at school and that the policy is being developed preemptively.

The policy, which follows the state’s medical marijuana law, says the substance can only be administered to students by their primary caregiver in a non-smokable form. Students using medical marijuana have to receive it in a tincture at school.

In order for students to use medical marijuana while at school, their parent or guardian must provide written certification that they need the drug. They must also provide proof that the drug needs to be taken while at school, instead of before or after school.

According to the policy, the primary caregiver must come to the school to administer the medical marijuana to a student. The student cannot possess the drug, nor can teachers or staff. The drug can only be administered in the principal’s office and is not allowed to be administered in the nurse’s office.

If a student needs medical marijuana before or during an after-school activity, they must leave school property to use it.

Students who drive to and from school aren’t allowed to use medical marijuana within three hours before they will be driving. 

Additionally, students over the age of 18 aren’t allowed to use medical marijuana at school because they are adults and not legally under the care of a guardian. Since guardians are the only ones allowed to administer the drug and students can’t administer it themselves, the policy excludes the older students.

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