Maine’s congressional delegation reacts to President Trump’s proposed budget:


“Every President’s budget is subject to significant revision by Congress, and this budget will be no exception.” She said she is encouraged that it would provide more funding for the military and lead programs, but she said she is concerned about cuts to biomedical research, transportation, heating oil assistance, clean energy technology and other areas. “As the appropriations process moves forward, I look forward to working with my colleagues to develop a revised budget.”


“I have a hard time seeing how eliminating heating assistance, cutting medical research and ending economic development funding do little more than harm people, families and businesses across Maine … To me this doesn’t seem like a serious attempt to offer a reasonable, cost-cutting budget – and, sadly, it’s hardworking, middle-class folks throughout the state who would bear the brunt of it all.”


“I will not stand for President Trump’s foolish and shortsighted budget proposal which will make America less healthy, safe, and economically secure.” She said making budget cuts to build a $1.5 billion wall on the Mexico border “shows how out of touch President Trump is with the needs of real Americans” and that his budget “would leave Mainers and Maine communities behind.”


“I want to make sure we maintain support for programs and agencies that serve our families and communities, help protect our environment and provide quality programming for children. I’m specifically concerned about making too significant reductions for programs like LIHEAP, Community Development Block Grants and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. I would also need to closely look at any changes to environmental services that directly impact Maine.”

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