WISCASSET — Wiscasset Feed Our Scholars, an initiative to provide weekend packs of food for school children living in food insecure households, is holding a fundraiser at Wiscasset First Congregational Church UCC’s Freedom Hall on Sat., April 1, beginning at 5 p.m.

The event is a pot luck dinner. The April Fool’s twist is that people bringing dishes need to also bring a copy of the recipe they’ve fixed. After dinner, Suzanne Rankin will auction off the recipes to help fund the Feed Our Scholars program.

Guitarist Matt O’Donnell will perform.

This school year, 55 percent of Wiscasset’s student body qualifies for the free/reduced food program. Studies have shown that children who do not have access to proper nutrition are more likely to suffer from common illnesses such as stomachaches, headaches, and colds. They typically exhibit poor concentration in the classroom, as wells as have increased levels of absenteeism. It stands to reason that if children consistently have nutritious food in their bellies, they’ll feel better, have better concentration, and be able to be better learners.

There is no charge for the dinner, but there will be a donation basket.

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