SEATTLE —Soggy Seattle has broken another rainfall record.

The city measured 44.7 inches (114 centimeters) of rain between October and April, making it the wettest such period since records began in 1895, the National Weather Service in Seattle said.

It marks the second year in the row that the city has topped the historic rainfall record for that period.

With several days left to go this month, this year’s record will likely be padded some more, said Mike McFarland, a meteorologist with the service in Seattle.

“This has been a terrible winter. It was just wet. There’s no way around that,” he said Tuesday.

While many Seattleites have grumbled about the relentless rain, longtime resident Meghan Shepard, 77, revels in it.

“It’s soothing. I like the color of the sky when it rains. It’s this beautiful green. I like being out there,” said the retiree. She has lived all over the United States, but prefers the rainy Northwest.

To the whiners, Shepard said: “I don’t have a lot of patience. If they don’t like it, move.”

The previous record was 44.5 inches of rain, for the October 2015-to-April 2016 period. The normal amount of rain during that period is usually 30.9 inches.