An encounter between a Falmouth police officer and a runaway pig gained a lot of attention Sunday night on social media.

A post on the Falmouth Police Department’s Facebook page starts off by saying: “From the stuff you can’t make up file, when you think you’ve seen everything.”

It goes on to show a photograph of Officer Kurt Fegan holding a pig on a leash while standing in a driveway along Allen Avenue Extension.

Falmouth police responded to the report of a pig running loose in the neighborhood at 12:42 p.m. Sunday, a dispatcher confirmed.

“If you were in the area of Allen Avenue a short time ago and saw a cop walking a pig (I know, the irony here). You did,” Sgt. Frank Soule III wrote in the Facebook post. “We also received several calls reporting a cop walking a pig on a leash. There was. Officer Fegan, aka ‘Swine Whisperer,’ was able to get it out of the road, leash it, name it and make a new friend.”

Soule administers the police department’s Facebook page.


The department’s dispatch center said that Fegan, with assistance from the town of Falmouth’s animal control officer, Ken Walberg, was able to wrangle the pig and locate its owner, who lives on Pleasant Hill Road in Falmouth.

When asked what Fegan named the pig, the dispatcher said there was no record of that in the daily police log. However, on Facebook, the department responded to a name question from a Facebook follower by saying, “Turkey ham.”

The Facebook photograph and post had been shared by more than 350 people by 10 p.m. Sunday night, and 80 people had commented.

“We don’t want to hear about you guys having BLT’s anytime soon,” Patricia Moore McDevitt commented.

“Oh look, Hammy Swinette,” Darlene Nason Hersom posted.

“Falmouth’s swinest,” said Thomas Foley.


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