Jennifer Kosinchuk has always had a passion for working with natural products.

“I really loved gardening, and I also liked the spiritual aspect of gardening with plants,” said the former graphic designer from Dresden. “Cultures have been using them for centuries for healing and well-being.”

So when she had a son and gave him his first baths using mainstream bath products, she couldn’t help but visualize him sitting in a tub full of artificial colors and chemical preservatives. Since her child suffered from sinus colds and ear infections, she created a bath fizzie – a bath bomb that fizzes when it’s dropped into the tub and dissolves – just for him that she called “Eucalyptus Soother,” and a new business was born.

Now based in Falmouth, Kosinchuk’s business, “Miss Moonmaker,” makes a variety of all-natural health and beauty products, from bath fizzies for adults and kids (under $5) to a line of moisturizing salves ($7.99) with whimsical names like “Urban Lumberjack Salve-ation” (for “metro-dry skin”) and “Mermaid’s Salve-ation” (for “sea-soaked skin”).

She started with a line of adult “bath bombs” filled with just about everything you could find on your kitchen or bathroom shelves – baking soda, vitamin E, essential oils, herbs and spices, and even powdered honey. She suggests you try the uplifting Eucalyptus Soother or the Lemon Moonglow if you want to revive yourself, and the Lavender Dreamscape if you need to relax.

Bathing, Kosinchuk says, is “a centering, mindful, simple luxury that people can do on a daily basis that will help improve their overall wellness.”

She recently launched a children’s line of bath fizzies made with grapeseed oil instead of the sweet almond oil used in adult products, so children with nut allergies can use them. Her “Blast Off Bath Kit” ($12.99)is a bucket filled with “moon rocks” (sea salts) and bath fizzies shaped like planets and shooting stars. It comes with a wooden scoop.

Miss Moonmaker products can be found in Portland at the Food Co-op and Whole Foods Market; at Towne Landing Market in Falmouth; Handy’s Market in Yarmouth; Bella Luna in Rockland; Found in Kennebunk; and many other stores listed on its website.

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