Reading your June 13 article about Gov. LePage’s decision to attempt to delist sales of miniature “nips” bottles of liquor in Maine, I have concluded that the man is a complete phony.

After years of the governor telling us all that the Legislature is “playing games” and not representing “the Maine people“; after endless declarations of how the governor is the only one who is trying to bring jobs to the state; after huge levels of anger and vitriol directed at all our representatives for supposedly having petty personal agendas and not doing what is right, the governor chooses to financially damage a solid Maine company and possibly cause dozens of people to lose their jobs because he could not get his way.

Gov. LePage, who claims to be above petty politics, turns out to be the most small-minded, vengeful and vindictive of men. This is no surprise to me – but I wonder about his supporters. Can they not see?

John Schaberg