I base this on the fact that millions in this country wait all their lives and never get access to adequate health care because they can’t afford it. Millions more wait until they can no longer wait or until they have numerous problems that will eventually “make it worthwhile” to get care because they will finally reach their deductibles.

The high premiums, deductibles and co-pays that go along with health care for so many in the U.S. cause waiting that can far exceed the perceived waits in countries that provide government-sponsored health care to all citizens. The waiting here in the United States just adds to increased costs, added suffering and eventually a burden to families and society.

I am urging Sens. Susan Collins and Angus King to find a solution to our health care problem, not our health insurance problem. Pursue something more like what works in other countries. Cut the wait times of the many in this country who wait months or years for care and provide real health care for all. Include in this plan increased support for training more medical professionals to take care of all Americans. Make American truly great when it comes to health care.

William Keller