How many Maine citizens have a job where they can work for six months and not get their job done, and suffer no consequences? I doubt there are any.

Yet here we sit, facing a government shutdown because our elected officials act like spoiled children who won’t play well together, or cooperate, and nothing gets done.

So if we go to a state shutdown, it hurts the people of Maine in too many ways to count, but again those in the Legislature won’t budge; instead, they continue to play partisan politics rather than do what is right for the people they are supposed to be serving.

They do as they please since they face no consequences for not doing their jobs. Maybe the time has come to put some penalties in place for the legislators when they fail to meet their responsibilities.

Perhaps when there is a government shutdown because of their failure to complete a budget and meet their responsibilities, every one of them should lose their seat in the Senate or the House. Then we could start over with reasonable people who actually care about Maine citizens more than their party politics.

The Legislature needs to heed the words of that football coach down in Foxborough – you in the Legislature need to simply “do your job.”

Gary Phillips