A 38-year-old man was arrested Saturday night in Hallowell after he allegedly brandished a kitchen knife in public, told witnesses that he wanted to “fillet bad people” and resisted arrest, police said.

Christopher Knapp, of Augusta, was charged with terrorizing, refusing to submit to arrest and reckless conduct after police responded to a complaint around 9 p.m. Hundreds of people were in the city for Old Hallowell Day.

The complaint indicated that Knapp was in an alley off Water Street, waving the knife and making threatening statements, Officer Jordan Gaudet said.

Knapp was taken to the Kennebec County jail and released Tuesday afternoon on personal recognizance bail and with a pretrial contract, according to a jail employee.

After receiving the complaint Saturday night, police located Knapp on Dummers Lane, which is an alley that connects Water and Second streets and passes between two downtown bars, the Maine House and the Liberal Cup.

Gaudet, the first officer on the scene, said Knapp dove into a bush when he arrived, then later came out with his hands up. But after officers had arrested him, “he started fighting us actively,” Gaudet said.

According to witnesses, Knapp had been making several threatening statements, including that he was going to “string people up” and wanted to “fillet bad people,” Gaudet said.

He also carried a kitchen knife with a blue handle and allegedly showed passersby how he would use it to cut people, Gaudet said. He dropped the knife before getting arrested by police.

Knapp seemed to be “under the influence of narcotics” and was carrying two pipes that appeared to be for smoking crack cocaine, Gaudet said.