Thank you for publishing Eliot Chandler’s guest editorial on North Korea and its nuclear missile capability (Another View, July 30). It caused me to think and write the following:

It is fitting and beneficial to our sense of well-being on this planet that Congress and the Senate decide that the appropriate response to North Korea’s successful production of interspace nuclear missiles be one of worthy acceptance to the table of nuclear powers. North Korea’s leaders have achieved not merely parity with the major powers capable of catastrophic death and destruction, but most important to them, the ability to defend their people against nuclear powers unfriendly to them. What North Korea has achieved is both frightening and worthy of amazement. It wants, and should have, genuine acceptance “at the table,” with the clear understanding by all that the nuclear power each possesses is a deterrent that no member be manipulated to use.

Let America be good and extend to North Korea a hand of kind acceptance. Do the world a favor.

Loretta MacKinnon